Tatiana grew up listening to the classic folk songs of her native country, Moldova, and began singing at age 6 in her school choir. There, she began cultivating a natural talent that would comfort and sustain her throughout her youth.

At age 11, when she and her mother moved to Padova, Italy, Tatiana didn’t speak a word of Italian. She found solace in the voices of Paolo Conte, Mina, and Zucchero and took an interest in opera, such as La Traviata and Aida. Through music, she came to embrace her new home and to connect more easily with her peers. “I believe that to understand a country and its people, you have to look at its music and history and see what happened,” Tatiana explains. “It’s how you feel the joy and fear and spirit of a place.” 

Three years later, Tatiana moved to France and again found herself surrounded by an unfamiliar language and culture. Once more, she turned to music. In Lyon, Leo Ferre, Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, and Charles Aznavour were her guides. In Paris, the voices of Julie London, Etta James, Nina Simone, and Frank Sinatra sparked a love for jazz.

At 17, Tatiana was discovered by a hair stylist who hired her for a photo shoot for his salon. He helped her build her network and launch what would quickly become a successful career. She moved to Paris at 19 and traveled throughout Europe for photo shoots. All along, her love of music has stayed with her.

In New York during 4 years, Tatiana continued to model and sing, blending her jazz and classical roots with modern pop style. Tatiana was thrilled to be in the city where many of her idols once performed and hopes to entertain, inspire, and comfort others like the greats once did for her.

Now In Paris, her career and dreams are helping her to grow and give the best of herself.